Pseudo-Close Callback for UI Layout

This demo has a number of objects (iframe, flash, embedded video, and iframe containing embedded video) that would 'reload' if they were hidden and re-shown – like when a layout-pane closes and opens.

To prevent that, the pseudoClose() callback does not hide the panes; instead just resizing them as small as possible.

So if you start a video playing and then 'close' the pane, it will continue to play.

Options allow contents to be hidden to prevent a strip of color showing in the space that does not close. (avoid padding on panes that pseudo-close because that will cause a larger space)

Pseudo-close will temporarily override the minSize set for the pane. Pane-resizing is also temporarily disabled when the pane is pseudo-closed.

See the source-code of this page for a link to the pseudoClose addon, and for sample options.

pseudoClose 1.1 does NOT interfere with Layout's hide() functionality. So you can still hide() & show() panes that have pseudoClose assigned. Note that 'hiding' the pane will cause the object or iframe to 'reload'.