Center pane

Change the 'state' by opening some panes and adjusting their size, then Reload. The page should reload with the panes exactly as they were.

loadState when layout created? (can't change here)
saveState on window.unload ?

Show current state-data from the layout

Show state-data stored in layout.state object - as last read-from or saved-to the state-cookie

Show data currently saved in the state-cookie

Update the state-cookie with current layout state-data

Delete the state-cookie

> RELOAD page with default layout settings (no state)...

    This button triggers 3 steps:

  1. myLayout.deleteCookie() — remove the existing layout cookie
  2. myLayout.options.stateManagement.autoSave = false — prevent saving new cookie on window.unload
  3. Reload the page — default layout settings used onLoad because there is no cookie

> RESET layout to as it was when loaded (instant, no reload)
  > ditto – true = use pane animations

    These buttons loads a state-hash that was created onLoad:


North pane
West pane
South pane
East pane