Center - Center pane

Change the 'state' by opening some panes and adjusting their size, then Reload. The page should reload with the panes exactly as they were.

      load-state when layout created - see options

      save-state on window.unload & layout.destroy()

loadState when layout created? (can't change here)
saveState on window.unload ?

Data is output using console.log(), so look at the console.

Show current state-data from the layout

Show state-data stored in layout.state object - as last read-from or saved-to the state-cookie

Show data currently saved in the state-cookie

Update the state-cookie with current layout state-data

Delete the state-cookie

> RELOAD page with default layout settings (no state)...

    This button triggers 3 steps:

  1. myLayout.deleteCookie() — remove the existing layout cookie
  2. myLayout.options.stateManagement.autoSave = false — prevent saving new cookie on window.unload
  3. Reload the page — default layout settings used onLoad because there is no cookie

> RESET layout to as it was when loaded (instant, no reload)
  > ditto – true = use pane animations

    These buttons loads a state-hash that was created onLoad:


Center - North pane
Center - South pane

Tabs Footer

Outer East pane

Outer East content

Outer North pane

State-Management Demo Page

Outer South pane

Outer South content