Slide-Offscreen Animation for Layout

This page contains objects (iframe, flash & embedded video) that would 'reload' if hidden and then re-shown – as when a layout-pane closes and opens.

To prevent that, the slideOffscreen animation just moves the pane offscreen instead. So if a video is playing when you 'close' a pane, it will continue to play.

To use the animation, just include the jquery.layout.slideOffscreen-1.1.js (minified) file and specify "slideOffscreen" as the fxName for any panes you want to use it for.

If you enable the "useOffscreenClose" pane-option, then initHidden and initClosed also use the offscreen technique.

    west__fxName:  slideOffscreen  // for 'closing'
,   west__useOffscreenClose:  true // for 'hiding'

This page also utilized the jquery.animate-enhanced.js plug-in to smooth animations. However this sometimes leaves artifacts and can interfers with object masking.